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What through-type tail lights are there?

By, CoolMotor
  • 2023-11-16
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Through-type taillights in the rim

With the rapid development of the automobile industry, taillights play an increasingly important role in automobile structures. The innovation of taillights not only meets the needs of functionality, but also pays more attention to design and recognition. In recent years, the overall design trend of automobile taillights has gradually shifted from separate to through-type. In particular, the emergence of LED and OLED lighting technologies can be said to be the key to the popularity of through-type taillights.

The reason why through-type taillights are increasingly favored by car companies is that in addition to their coolness, the most important thing is that they have safety advantages, making the vehicle easier to spot and identify from behind, thus reducing the risk of collision. Nowadays, more and more models adopt through-type taillight design, and this kind of taillight will become the main choice for car design in the future. The following are twelve selected models. How many have you seen?

Audi A8

Audi can be said to be one of the car companies that responded to the trend of through-type taillights. As a "light factory", many Audi models are equipped with such through-type strip-shaped taillights. One of them is this car with remote parking function. , automatic driving function and intelligent speed control function are integrated into the Audi A8. In addition, it is equipped with the most advanced through-type OLED taillights. When turned on, it looks like an animation, which is very cool and highly recognizable.

Audi Q8

The Q8 is Audi's luxury SUV and is also equipped with a through-type taillight bar. The taillight itself is not as eye-catching as the A8, but it still gets a lot of recognition in the market. Q8 users can download the application to their mobile phones and control the tail lights through their mobile phones, allowing them to have a light show anytime and anywhere.

Audi TT RS

This TT RS is also equipped with OLED taillights. The taillights are composed of 8 OLED red light screens with patterns and a slender penetrating light bar. In fact, it is not easy to see when the lights are not on, and they only become visible when braking. lights up. The "TTRS" and "Audi four-ring logo" character patterns on the OLED taillights can only be discovered by careful observation. This may be more popular for more low-key car enthusiasts.

Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin's new Vantage also uses a through-type light bar, which is somewhat similar to the Audi TT. The light bar is also more subtle as the third brake light. If you look closely, you will find that the Aston Martin Vantage’s light bar is not exactly a straight line. It has a small bend on both sides that connects the headlights on both sides, and the Aston Martin logo is under the light bar. The overall tail looks very nicely combined.

Bugatti Chiron

As a top supercar, Bugatti also has a similar design. The Bugatti Chiron's through-type taillights are designed to be extremely simple. The entire light bar is like a horizontal line, and the taillights on both sides are also designed in a line shape. The middle part of the taillight is not the third brake light, but is always on.

Buick Enspire Concept

This all-electric Buick Enspire concept car is very futuristic, equipped with interactive smart OLED taillights that can flash quickly and slowly to communicate to other drivers whether they need to brake or prepare for a turn to avoid a collision. Buick said that OLED can be more compact in structure than LED and is easier to recycle. These two attributes show that OLED is more environmentally friendly than other light sources.

Lincoln Nautilus

In addition to Audi, Lincoln is the car company that has fully embraced the trend of through-type taillights. Most of Lincoln's current models adopt the design of through-type light bars. The taillights of this car are very distinctive, they can light up continuously and are very gorgeous. The name Lincoln Nautilus comes from the first nuclear-powered submarine built by the United States in 1954, which shows Lincoln's positioning and ambition for this car.

Lincoln MKZ

The first MKZ sedan was launched in 2013 and was the first Lincoln model to be equipped with through-type taillights. The MKZ launched in 2017 still retains this design. The MKZ's taillight bar is the most distinctive of Lincoln models, giving the sedan a unique and bright appearance. The light strip itself is relatively complete, and the overall look has a simple aesthetic.

Lincoln Navigator

Many Lincoln models have through-type taillights, such as the Continental, MKC and Navigator, etc., but the most daring design is the taillight bar of the Navigator SUV. Together with the very large body, it looks very domineering. . The previous generation of Navigator also had such a light bar design, and this generation still retains it, which shows that Lincoln seems to have made it a family-style design element.

Mercedes-Benz EQC

Regular Mercedes-Benz models do not have through-type taillight designs, but the first EQC in its electric vehicle series uses through-type taillights. The rear part of the car is designed very cleanly and neatly. The shape of the light bar echoes the appearance of the bumper below, making the rear end look very elegant.

Porsche Panamera

Porsche designers also seem to be fans of the idea of through-type taillights. The Panamera also has such a design at the rear. The lights and the rear are integrated very cleverly, which is far less eye-catching than the Lincoln Navigator. Although the taillights connecting both sides are disconnected in the middle, it will not destroy the overall through design and visual effect.

Porsche Cayenne

The rear of the Porsche Cayenne looks very similar to the Panamera, especially the shape of the rear lights. They share the same design theme, but unlike the Panamera, its light bar is more consistent from side to side, especially when turned on, so it looks simpler and more casual.


Driving on the road, I believe you can't take your eyes away from these gorgeous and beautiful tail light bars. It is also a through-type taillight. The difference is how the designer controls it and how to better combine aesthetics and functional design to stand out.

This design trend of penetrating strip taillights has gradually spread from luxury models to more and more household models. Mainstream car companies have realized that through this design, they can create a very eye-catching appearance. Unique and novel LED and OLED lighting technologies are what make this possible.


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